Handsome Devils Co. – Verde Sauce

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hdcThe Handsome Devils Co. have a new sauce and want your support.

I’m pretty excited about this because if it is anything like the other sauces from these godly gents then it will be spicy deliciousness in a bottle!

I’m a little sad cause I’m still waiting for mine to turn up.

“The Verde – Tangy…herby…verdant. HDC Verde is freshness in a bottle. We’ve blended crisp green tomatoes with a zesty bunch of herbs and spices to create a little green devil of a sauce. Dip right into it, or drizzle over fish, fresh salads, tacos…the list goes on! Deliciosa!”

Anyway, take a look at the video below then click the link to join the hot sauce party.

Handsome Devils Co. Kickstarter

I think they need to sharpen their knives tho…

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